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How Fascism Managed To Come To Power in Italy, In 1922 Essay

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How Fascism Managed To Come To Power in Italy, In 1922 - Essay Example

National belonging to an ethnicity is highly emphasized in this ideology. It does not promote any tenets of democracy. These range from free media, individual freedom and legislation of laws. Clearly, the attempts to impose the fascist ideas have led to war. For instance, the World War II and the holocaust show the effects of fascism. Fascist movements stand against all other political ideologies and only borrow the ideal-type characteristics that emphasized on ethnicity. Although the emphasis on fascism was nationalism, its main appeal was international. In fascism, there is intense political patriotism, and it is in this that the fascist leaders build their main foundation on. In this essay, I will discuss factors that enhanced the success of fascism in Italy during Benito Mussolini’s regime. The paper majorly focuses on explaining how the success was due to the anti-party characteristic of fascism. Benito Mussolini was the founder and leader of fascism in Italy.

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